Minimal White


Minimal White
LOCATION Linz, Upper Austria
YEAR 2016
PROJECT TYPE Interior, competition
CLIENT Johannes Kepler Universität
TYPE Design&executive project
STATUS completed
ARCHITECT Spazio 3 Architektur ZT GmbH
TEAM DI A. Angerer, mgr inz. arch. A. Jagusiak, DI Heidi Rauwolf und Smart Wall Austria

„Ideen Raum geben!“ space for ideas

Universities are, next to providing the knowledge centers, a creative development of ideas. This process runs in 3 phases: the first idea, the development and the result.
At the beginning there is an idea – but is it really so? At the beginning there is a “big nothing”! Like a piece of paper that does not contain any information yet captures the later creative ideas for eternity. Like a white sheet of paper – scary and creative freedom at the same time – it gives the idea the necessary space to unfold itself! The essence of this competition contributes to perceiving the space, with walls, ceiling, floor and furnishings, as an unrecorded piece of paper, and not restricting the creative flow.

JAL_basis version c

Minimal White in basic configuration

The concept of our design is the elimination of any decoration elements. The room and all the furniture are reduced to the color white. All furnishings are free to move and can be adjusted according to their use. In its starting position, the room radiates order, modesty and neutrality. Only when the furniture consignments are changed, color areas become visible, which show the seats on the chairs. All elements in the room can be painted and described by the user with whiteboard pens. Underneath the white surface is an iron pigment-containing color, which offers the possibility to attach pictures, plans and notes directly to the wall with magnets.


Minimal White creative configuration

The users have the possibility to use the surfaces of the room to a maximum for their ideas and should become part of the room themselves. Thus, it is also their duty to create a place of security and a warm atmosphere. Each user has a different degree of harmony, conflict, or order, and can use the elements of furniture or color-markers provided. Depending on the number of students, the facility may be combined, divided or unused. You have the option to use the room from 2 persons up to 10 persons and to extend to a total of 20 places.




The lighting of the room is ensured by existing ceiling lighting and by portable Nimbus LED luminaires which, thanks to their integrated magnet, enable uncomplicated mounting in any vertical position of the room and the furniture. The portable lamps provide a pleasant atmosphere and can be adjusted by the user with the desired light intensity.


The surfaces of the furniture and the room, as well as the window frames, are coated with whiteboard (white or transparent) paint from “Smartwall Austria”  to obtain a homogeneous, descriptive and easy-to-clean surface. This can be described with commercially available whiteboard pens and can be removed easily with a microfibre cloth.